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Hidden Gardens at Victoria Park

Fort Lauderdale Vacation Rentals

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The Hidden Gardens Blog

Bicycle Rentals

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By popular demand, I've had quite a few people ask me about bicycle rentals, so I decided it's time to post about it. Fort Lauderdale has a couple options for bicycle rentals and scooter rentals... and motorcycle rentals if you're feeling really adventurous...

One option is to take advantage of Fort Lauderdales public bicycle rentals. You may have seen these in other cities and it works just the same here. It couldn't be simpler, just walk up and take the bike for a few hours or longer.

Find a location where they are available here:" target="_blank">Broward B-Cycle

 If you are looking to keep the bike for a few days though, you might want to check out the Trek Bicycle Store up on Sunrise Blvd about 2 minutes drive North of us. They are nice guys in there that run the shop and its convenient to our location. You could even walk up there it's not too far.

Take a look at their selection of Bike Rentals here

Have fun out there!!!

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